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Half-Orc .. Lawful Neutral .. Unchained Monk 8.24


Senzo Zugzug's Backstory

"Man who keeps feet firmly planted on ground, has trouble putting on pants."

Once just a dumb brute with little skill, Zugzug found himself mixed up in the unlikely international political battles of an exiled princess turned pirate queen, Ashuanta. He owes her his life, though not in the traditional sense - -in fact it was he who had ensured her survival and physical safety many times when she was but a girl- - but rather in the sense of purpose and actualization. It was Ashuanta who set him on the path of the martial scholar, the path of discipline and enlightenment, and when all else fails breaking faces with ease and grace.

In his adolescence, being a big dumb half-orc with little common sense, he had been 'recruited' (that is, abducted by guile) by a pirate crew. He served as a deck hand and a jailor for them, and was given close to zero respect on a good day. They used him for his bulk and his intimidating appearance, and treated him like a dog.

Then came the day that he met Ashuanta; a scared child of only 12 years at the time, but brave and clever and who actually extended him kindness. For two years they developed a secret friendship while her presence was tolerated aboard the ship.

The day Ashuanta lead a mutiny, Zugzug was one of her fiercest champions. In a fit of rage, he bit off the head of the captains pet monkey, then stuffed it's body in the first mate's mouth after breaking the man's legs with a barrel full of grog. The mysterious black panther that Ashuanta had some sort of command over had actually looked impressed for a moment, pausing it's busy feasting on the ex-Captain's disembowled entrails to stare at Zugzug, blink its yellow eyes, and yawn with it's bloody fanged maw.

Fifteen sailors had tried to claim Zugzug's life that day and a few almost succeeded, but in the end, as wounded as he was, Zugzug stood beside the now 14-year old exiled princess who'd become captain of the newly re-christened "Boxer's Rebellion" and was named her friend and guardian along with 2 other members of the crew she'd turned and made her inner circle, and one happily fat hunting cat.

Their travels together continued for many more months, until they had chance to set foot in Minkai, right near where Ashuanta's stolen throne country lay tantalizing before them. His pirate queen had arranged for Zugzug to meet an old man who had been some sort of teacher in her father's court, and was obviously someone of great importance to her. He was a curious fellow, Shidoshi Takara Yamazaku, quite old but somehow not feeble. Amazingly, Ashuanta told Zugzug that she wanted him to go with this man, to his temple, to learn the ways of the true martial artists who'd been the elite among her father's guard.

What could this white-haired old man know about martial things??

A lot, it turned out. He was able to perform feats of impossible endurance, agility, and strength. And mystical things. Zugzug found himself thrown around like a rag doll, stunned and knocked prone repeatedly, and otherwise soundly bested every single time he trained with this funny little old man. So train he did, living and sleeping in an ancient temple for 7 years, with only a handful of other students around him and a misty, lonely mountain view to keep him company.

When Ashuanta finally returned to Minkai and sent for him to aid her once more, Zugzug was an entirely different being. Gone were his fits of rage and outbursts. Tempered by an iron will, a well honed discipline, and mastery of his Ki, the unlikely half-orc student had risen to become Golarion's second-most-advanced practitioner of both of his temple's ancient arts, the Wind Wave Fists and the Mountain Breaking Form, which he had synthesized into an unorthodox but devastatingly effective style of his own.

Naturally, there was no better name for this than "Fist of the Broken Wind".

After several long and dangerous missions for a now adult Ashuanta, and her expanded pirate fleet, "Senzo Damu Zugzug" as he'd taken to calling himself asked to return to Avistan, to see his old home, and wander alone for a time. A pilgrimage of sorts.

It was during these lengthy wanderings that the half-orc monk encountered a hobgoblin tribe in Fangwood forest, and after easily besting their chieftain in combat six times in as many minutes (not Zugzug's idea, he was just trying to drink some water from a well you see…) he unfortunately had to kill the old bastard along with two dozen of his ignorant hobgoblin tribesman.

The chieftains daughter was apparently happy her father had been slain, and quickly made peace with the half-orc - -and begged him to teach her his martial secrets. She seemed to have command of the rest of the tribe (about 6 hobgoblins still lived), and Senzo Zugzug thought to himself "it's about time I take a pupil, I suppose" and so he accepted her: Fethi Kan Shakkas, who would come to be known as an extraordinarily formidable warrior and martial artist in her own right after just 1 year under Senzo Zugzug's tutelage.

In time, Zugzug moved on to train a few other unlikely students; a cave troll, an ogre, two brownies that had somehow managed to get captured and enslaved by a traveling circus until Zugzug won them in a pair of bets and set them free (he bested an elephant in a bull rush contest, and then hip threw a rhinocerous), and a soft-spoken weather-worn human from the Mwangi Expanse who'd fallen on hard times and under harsher Chelish whips.


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