~ Sunil Stoneheart, the Blue Wizard ~


Half-Elf .. True Neutral .. Wizard 8.24


Sunil Stoneheart's Backstory

Sunil was born an outcast; the half-breed bastard of a moderately wealthy Human family. His grandparents, successful stonemasons by trade, were scandalized by his birth after a brief fling between their young daughter and a passing (Elven) adventurer.

Throughout his childhood and adolescence, the family saw that Sunil's physical needs were met, but they were never particularly nurturing or inclusive, especially not his stepfather. Sunil didn't particularly care. He had no interest in his emotionally distant family, their petty business concerns, the banal goings-on of the townsfolk, or anything other than reading the (limited) collection of books and magic tomes available to him. From these he was able to teach himself a few basic cantrips, which he practiced fervently. As soon as he could, he left home to seek an apprenticeship in order to study magic properly.

After a few years, he had learned the fundamentals of true Wizardry and so set out to practice and master his craft in the field. He found himself well-suited to the work, and swiftly developed a thirst for the power and wealth that came with a successful adventurer's lifestyle. Eventually, he and several fellows formed a tightly knit group, ranging far and wide in search of treasure and exciting adventures. For the first time in his life, Sunil had friends he truly cared about. This far traveling mercenary band became something like an adopted family to him. But it would not last.

While journeying in the far east, Sunil and his comrades were hired to investigate rumors of a naturally occurring planar portal to the First World, hidden deep in the mountainous wilderness. They found the portal, but rather than immediately seal it (as they had been instructed), they foolishly decided to try journeying through it and explore the other side in search of exotic treasures and adventure. But in their reckless enthusiasm, even these experienced adventurers were unprepared for many of the truly epic dangers of that Plane. They quickly found themselves worn out and exhausted in hostile terrain.

As they tried to make their way back to the portal and return home, they had the misfortune to encounter a malicious Dark Fey of truly incredible power. This twisted near-demigod took delight in sadistically slaughtering the outmatched adventurers one by one, toying with them cruelly as they tried desperately to flee to the portal. Sunil was the only one who made it back, thanks in part to his skill with shifting through space and to the noble self-sacrifice of one of his closest friends.

After he escaped through the portal, he quickly performed the special sealing ritual. At the last moment, as Sunil looked back through the closing gateway, he saw the blood-drenched monster standing calmly just on the other side, grinning at him, casually waving an almost fond farewell.

The loss of his dear friends that day nearly broke him, with many lingering effects both mentally and physically. Though he recovered quickly (with some magical aid) from his actual injuries, as a result of either the psychological trauma, the physiological shock, or perhaps simply lingering magics of the First World itself, his once raven-black hair was turned stark white. For many years afterwards he traveled the world, wallowing in anger and loneliness (despite the constant presence of his devoted apprentice), taking joy only in the reckless pursuit of arcane knowledge and power. Over time, his grief's sharp edge dulled, and experience tempered his careless lust for power, but his thirst to avenge his comrades has not diminished. One day he hopes to achieve the means and power to face their killer once again and enact justice. Or, perhaps, simply vengeance

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