Character Creation Guidelines


Character Backstory

Every character concept benefits from a background story, something to tie you into the world and give us all a better experience. Please read through Golarion campaign setting materials and gazetteers to get a sense of the world, before you write your backstory.

Talk to me if you're not finding enough material specific to your character race / region, religion, etc, and I will help you.

  • People who write cool back-stories will see more of their ideas show up in the game.
  • People who write extra-cool back-stories or do consistent journaling and stuff will find some nice in-game rewards (stuff like allies and contacts, plot items, special blessings & boons, etc).


Character Classes and Archtypes

  • Most official Paizo classes/archtypes are allowed, but anyone playing a Summoner must use the Unchained version (and is to be discouraged from the class even then…)
  • Gunslingers and other firearms users must use the same "early guns" rules that are assumed in the standard Pathfinder Society rules.
  • We are not using any timeworn technology, at least not for the PC's. If someone really wants to run a Numerian-based scenario with pew-pew lasers as a special event, so be it, but we as a group don't want cybertech. No Cyber-soldier archetypes or other "Technologist" based classes.
  • Anti-paladin and other "must be evil" classes won't work unless the party composition changes; even then, it's highly questionable and best to be avoided.



Numbers & Stats & Stuff

  • Characters are created with a 25 point buy, and start the campaign at 3rd level (with the wealth for a 3rd level character, 3000gp.)
  • NOTE: As of 12/30/15, we haven't yet voted on how to handle new players joining later in the game, or old players bringing in a new character due to death / retirement, so starting level and money may change.
  • Retraining is allowed, but only at 10x normal cost in GP (not a typo), so choose wisely.
  • We are generally using the P6 Codex rules but adapted to P8 (so upon reaching 8th level, no more level advancement but you do gain a feat every 5000 XP.)
  • At the beginning of the campaign, all the PCs start out knowing each other, and have worked together in the past to do jobs. We can share resources like crafting skills and feats with each other (e.g. you start the game buying most masterwork armor and weapons for 1/3rd price at start, and alchemy items up to DC 20 at 1/3rd price, due to fellow party members). After campaign start though, we'll need downtime to craft most things.
  • We will not roll Hit Dice for Hit Points. Instead you get max at 1st level, and then take average-rounded-up for every other level (e.g. a d6 gets 4, a d8 gets 5, a d10 gets 6 and a d12 gets 7.)
  • You can take up to 2 traits of your choice, for free. You must obey the limits of one Trait per category (e.g. you cannot take two Traits that are both listed as "Combat", or two both listed as "Magic", etc) and of any Race traits (unless you spend your Social option on "Adopted"). The "campaign" category of traits are allowed, as long as they aren't weird and incompatible (e.g. "You get a +2 whenever Amiko is nearby and threatened" is weird and doesn't fit whereas "you gain trap finding like a rogue" is acceptable.)
  • All characters have the option of taking one drawback to gain a 3rd trait at character creation.
  • The only playable races are those at 11 race points or less. If the race does not have it's race points listed on the Official PRD, or the d20pfsrd website, then it's not legal (even if you think the math works out) 'cause we've no interest in quibbling over stuff. Just pick something that's labelled 11 points or less.


Available Feats, Spells, Traits & Flaws

TO BE DETERMINED: Leadership, and the related variations like Monstrous Cohort, Squire, Torchbearer, etc.

  • Leadership and it's ilk are currently under discussion. We intend to use it/them in some fashion, in the spirit of P6 play. How do a bunch of level 6 or 8 guys and gals take on a CR 15 dragon?? With a small army, that's how. But we don't want it to clutter gameplay, so, TBD for now…



  • There are special P6 "Epic" feats and "Signature" feats that become available after the characters hit their level cap (8th). They are never available before then. Some of these special feats can be taken to acquire class features from 9th or 10th level if you are single classed, others allow gaining attribute points, others allow access to a few select 5th level spells (like Stone to Flesh, or Raise Dead) as special hour(s)-long rituals rather than normal spells.




Links To Resources

Aside from these restrictions/additions, please review the Pathfinder RPG Core Rules (or their Reference Document) for Feats, Spells, etc:


Also for your reference:


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