What magic items are available, since it's P8?

Magic Item Limits

P6, and the original E6 rules, have a 2 part magic item restriction:

  • First, they restrict magic items to a max +2 modifier on anything. Weapons, armor, rings of protection, cloaks of resistance, stat boosting items, maybe even skill boosting items (not sure about that last one). They also don't allow much outside core rules.
  • Secondly, any item that requires a level 4 spell or higher in its construction, just doesn't exist, because in P6 level 4 spells don't exist.


…we are playing P8, and we're also borrowing some concepts from PFS play, so we've come up with our own appropriate maximums.

Magic Item Limits - Part 1:

We extend the P6 standard for P8 play regarding spell level; this means that, for the most part, anything requiring a 5th level spell (off the standard class lists, not some wierd domain shit) does not exist. Also note that since we are only allowing the Unchained version of the Summoner, most "early entry" spells bullshit is removed as well.

The only exception are those 5th level spells which have been allowed as special hour-long P6 ritual feats (e.g. Stone to Flesh) —BUT, crafting items that requires one of the few 5th level Ritual Feat spells requires having the actual feat (or an assistant with that feat); you cannot bypass it with Spellcraft.

Magic Item Limits - Part 2:

Instead of a limitation on enhancement mods that doesn't account for different items types & values, we use an approximation of the PFS Fame-based Item Price limits: gold piece value maximums based on 50% of expected wealth.

Specifically, at any given time, your PC cannot own any item as part of personal wealth (so not counting special group/plot items) that have a total market value exceeding 50% of their expected wealth by level+1 (thus a maximum of 8th+1 =9th level). It doesn't matter if you find it, buy it, steal or craft it. A 9th level character expected wealth is 46k, so 50% of that is 23k, so no items will ever be allowed with total cost over 23k market price.

So, why the "level+1"?

Because we -are- crafting, and we'll probably slow track levels 6-8 meaning more wealth per level, and then at 8th we never stop gaining wealth as long as we play.

The implications of this system, in terms of "top end" items at 8th level:

  • It'd be theoretically possible to get +4 armor/shield, but never +5 (and not even +4 if the base metal/type is expensive.)
  • It's eventually possible to get +3 weapons, even made of cold iron or adamantine.
  • Also +3 rings and amulets, a +4 cloak of resistance, some fun ioun stones but not the psycho shit, etc.
  • You could get a +4 headband or belt, but never a +6. It's also possible to get a +2 belt with 3 stats, or even a +4 on 1 stat and +2 on 1 other stat but not both other stats.


These examples are for characters who've been at 8th level for a while and could afford expensive items. Even with crafting, it adds up.

NOTE: These item price limits would use the full market value of the item, just like PFS, and not the crafted cost.

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