All About Gelmir


Descended from an Elven Wizard who fell at The battle of Tamberlyn while serving House Barca, Gelmir has always wondered about what could have been.

Not all members of House Barca took the defeat well and Gelmir’s half-elven great aunt, daughter of the great wizard Ilarnith, fled to the savage North at age 16 swearing revenge. She brought with her Gelmir’s grandmother: then just a 4 year old. Finding her way to the Ice Elves, she and her young sister became a servant there. Both sisters harbored a deep hatred and bitterness: the older for what she had lost and the younger for what she imagined life could have been like.

The younger grew up and eventually had a daughter: Gelmir’s mother. A good natured girl, she bore none of her mother’s thirst for vengeance. She, in turn, became a consort to an insane, and shunned, Elven Alchemist also named Gelmir. The girl bore a son and gave him his father’s first name and his grandmother’s family name.

Gelmir the younger grew up in a society that despised him as a half-human, a servant and as the off spring of an Alchemist; a profession the Elves have no respect for. He grew bitter. He enjoyed listening to his then aging great aunt and grandmother regale him of stories of House Barca and the status the Ilarnith family enjoyed. He also noted that his father’s alchemical experiments in transformations as well as his willingness to do almost anything to get ahead, created fear in others which, in turn, became some semblance of respect.

Gelmir sought a similar power.

Unfortunately, he was a poor student with little patience. His status as a despised servant meant he needed a silver tongue and quick wits to keep ahead of his ambitions. By adolescence, however, the dreams began.

Dreams of a strange landscape where insect warriors (which he took to calling Mantids) engaged in a never ending war. He found that in his dreams he was continually drawn to the same tribe and even to the same recently hatched creature: a then small creature called Garek. The tribe saw his alien presence as a manifestation of their tribal god and Gelmir finally found a home with welcoming creatures.

While Gelmir had not inherited the devotion to study of either his great grandfather or his father, he had been influenced by their powerful magics. He found he had innate powers of the arcane which included his connection to the Mantid plane. Over time he learned to harness his innate talents, creating powerful spell effects mostly focusing on summoning creatures to serve him. In particular, he mastered the ability to finally bring an adolescent Garek into the Prime Material Plane.

Sensing he had achieved a great leap in his powers, he set out to Talingarde, escaping from his life of servitude, in order to find other members of House Barca and try to re-raise the Griffon standard over the royal palace. Surely House Barca must be seething at its defeat even 80 years later and surely Gelmir could find fellow conspirators to reclaim the throne for the rightful king.

Gelmir made his way to the capital. Between his silver tongue and his frightening ally, he found ways to make coin and survive the journey. Both Garek and Gelmir learned much on their journey. His Mantid ally continued to grow from a 4 legged beast that fought with claws and fang to a true Mantid warrior, wielding the traditional swords of his tribe.

Upon arrival at the capital, he began his search for compatriots.

Unfortunately, House Barca members appeared to have forgotten their heritage. He did find a handful discontent members that were willing to listen, but no one of importance— no one who had real resources.

And then: disaster. Agents of the king had infiltrated his small, pathetic band. All were arrested.

Sentenced to death, the end seemed near. But an unexpected offer was made by a most unexpected benefactor. A deal was struck and Gelmir was free of one prison only to find himself once more in servitude only this time, his master was a god.

He is bitter towards House Darius as well as the cowards of House Barca. How can he make them both pay while gaining power and status for himself?


Garek, the eidolon

Garek is an insectoid creature. He stands on 4 legs all connected at the meta-thorax. The front legs end in claws. 4 more limbs (arms) are connected to the creature’s mesothorax (mid-section). His head is like that of a Praying Mantis with large jaws.

On his plane, these mantis-creatures are the dominant species. Their life expectancy is very long and over the course of that time they continue to grow in size, gaining height, weight, strength and even additional limbs. The warlike nature of this race, however, means that most die long before reaching old age. They are hatched as 4 legged creatures who defend themselves with fang and claw.

Garek is an adolescent and has been bonded to Gelmir since hatching. He became strong enough to manifest in the Prime Material plane (and, in turn, manifest Gelmir on his plane) after leaving his nymph life cycle stage. Since then, he has grown 4 arms and has adopted the traditional weapon of his tribe: a weapon similar to the saw tooth sabre.

When Gelmir sleeps, Garek may call him to assist on his plane and then Gelmir dreams of strange landscapes and stranger foes that he and his alien ally battle together.

Garek is a hunter, and has no compassion for the weak.

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