All About Glen Munro


Where was your character born?
Glen was born in the city of Daveryn, in the east of Talingarde.

Who raised him?
Glen was raised by his parents, Fraser and Iona Munro, minor landed nobles who maintain an estate outside of Daveryn and a townhouse within. They are last in a line of devotees to Asmodeous, the devil god, and run their estate with an iron fist. Generally considered harsh but fair, they have so far managed to keep their lands and their lives by publicly renouncing Asmodeous and their old faith and helping Markadian IV and the Knights of the Alerion with the purges.

What was happening in the region when your character was growing up?
Glen was born around the time Markadian IV was at the height of his power. The Asmodean Purges had devastated his family’s contacts and connections, and it was only through skillful bluffing and agreeing to help root out the remaining followers that Fraser and Iona survived and kept their lands. Glen wasn’t old enough to understand the implications surrounding Markadian IV’s sudden demise; he was barely three at the time. Nor did he make any note of the strange people who would appear in his house in the dead of night, of strange sounds and rituals in darkened rooms, and of whispered pacts and contracts signed in blood …

With the vast majority of the Church of Asmodeous having been wiped out, Glen was raised to publicly support Mitra and privately offer fealty to the Devil God. His parents never ceased their worship, playing a dangerous game and using their influence to protect and pass information to the other faithful.

Does your character have any relatives?
Glen has two surviving parents (Fraser and Iona, who are getting along in years), and several siblings. He is the middle child (and heir) in a family of four:

  • His younger brother, Lewis, is a powerful warrior who serves in the Sacred Brotherhood of the Gryphon on the Watch Wall. There he keeps his eyes and ears open for news of other followers of Asmodeous, and passes any information he gets back to his parents.
  • His older half-sister, Myrna, is the result of a tryst between Iona and an Alerion Knight named Cassius. Cassius had suspicions about the true faith of the Munro’s, and for a time blackmailed Iona into his bed. He fell in battle against the last bugbear incursion, finding himself strangely weakened, the result of a poison Iona had been feeding him for some time. She found herself with child soon thereafter, but decided to keep the baby. Iona and Fraser raised Myrna as one of their own, and have not told any of their children Myrna’s true parentage.
  • His younger half-brother Colin is the child of Fraser and one of the yeoman who work the Munro’s fields. Courtney was young, married into a life of labor through an arrangement made by her parents and her husband’s family, and she was taken with the stern, handsome older nobleman who came by one day to check up on his servants. They had a few trysts until Fraser learned she was with child; forbidding her from telling anyone, he made her swear to raise the child and tell her husband it was his. Courtney’s husband never questioned this, or the extra food they got weekly from then on. To this day, the only other person who knows Colin is Fraser’s child is Iona, who holds this over her husband as a powerful bargaining chip.

Additional Background notes:
Early in Glen’s life it became apparent that he had some magical ability. His parents did what they could to teach him, but his sorcerous blood behaved strangely. They sought help from their dark masters, and so a teacher was sent: an Imp named Luzfel. Posing as a house cat to avoid suspicion, Luzfel helped Glen master his power, and taught him the value of guile, knowledge, and deception. The Imp was a glutton, and a great lover of base desires, and Glen also learned to appreciate similar things, becoming quite a glutton himself.

Luzfel told Glen many things about the hells, about their systems of hierarchy and master/servant relationships, about how foolish the kingdom’s notions of freedom were. “Take what you can, give nothing back, and remember that only the strong survive,” Luzfel would often remark. “So if you’re not the strongest, find out who is and either kill them or serve them. Always look out for yourself …”

Luzfel returned to the hells when Glen turned 13, and has kept tabs on him since.

As a teenager, Glen was smitten by a great beauty; Maefon, a Lilin Devil his parents summoned to aid them in some scheme. Maefon was gorgeous, cruel, terrifying, and deadly; she found his clumsy advances amusing, and indulged him on a whim. When her work on this plane was done, she vanished without so much as a word; and Glen remarked again on a lesson Luzfel had taught him: “take what you can, and give nothing back.”

How did your character wind up in Branderscar Prison?
There are always seedy elements to any society, if you know where to look. Glen had been frequenting a brothel while staying at his parent’s house in Daveryn,
when a new girl joined the ranks. A girl who reminded him strongly of his first lover, the Devil Maefon. Glen began going more often, seeking her attentions, lavishing her with gifts, and when his jealousy grew too great he bartered for her, and bought her from the owner. The girl, Kiera, thought she was to be freed, to become his mistress, a life of relative luxury and importance for one of her station; but Glen had no such intentions. He wanted to keep her to himself, and so he tried to lock her away in a small residence he had purchased outside town. But she escaped, and one of the Knights of the Alerion got wind of what had happened. Soon, the gentry was rocked by the scandal of one of its own participating in something as reviled as slave-trading, and Glen, stripped of his rank and his possessions, was thrown into Brandescar, where he awaits execution.


What are your character’s immediate goals? What would he like to do in the coming year?
Glen seeks to escape from Branderscar prison with his head still on his shoulders. Past that, he is uncertain. Branded a criminal, he cannot return home or make use of the luxuries of his old life; but he very much wants to recover what is his: Kiera.

What are his long-term goals?
Glen never really thought about it, but if pressed would probably have said something to the effect of “take over my parent’s estate?” Now, however, things have changed, and a strong desire to get back what was taken from him grows inside Glen. Not just his slave, Kiera; but also his life, his riches, his position, and his status. And why stop at what he had? Why not take more? He deserves more…

What type of person would be his ideal mate?
Someone stunning, smart, and proud; cold and distant; cruel and sadistic; someone who would submit to his will and yet fight him every step of the way. A woman who could play many roles, who would be his, forever, but only if he could make her stay. (Glen has issues)

Who is his patron deity? Is he a devout worshiper?
Asmodeus. Not particularly. Not yet.

Is he a devout member of any nonreligious cause?

Is there any race, creed, alignment, religion or the like against which he is strongly prejudiced?
He thinks those of Lawful Good alignment (and good alignment in general) are foolish and naive. Afraid to take what’s theirs, they hide behind “morals” and “ethics.”

What is his greatest fear?
Rats. It is entirely irrational, but he can’t stand the slimy little disease ridden monsters.

What is the one task he absolutely refuses to do?
Physical labor.


What is your character’s motto or favorite saying?
“Take what you can, give nothing back, and remember that only the strong survive.”

What is his favorite color?
Royal purple.

Describe what he would wear if money were no object?
The latest fashions in the finest fabrics, with jewelry studded with amethyst, corudnum and garnet gems.

What is his favorite food? Drink?
A rich fish stew the old cook at his family estate used to make. Mulled mead.

What is his favorite animal?
Cats. He finds them kindred spirits; self-centered, somewhat sadistic, and seekers of leisure.

What habits of his friends annoy him most?
Anyone eating with their mouth open. Anyone denying themselves creature comforts; he finds it rather holier-than-thou.


(rank each trait from 1 to 10)

  • Courtesy 8
  • Valor 6
  • Self-sacrifice 2
  • Generosity 2
  • Sobriety 5
  • Calm temper 8
  • Optimism 5
  • Curiosity 4
  • Forgiveness 2
  • Cheerfulness 7
  • Patience 9
  • Honesty 3
  • Helpfulness 3
  • Loyalty 7



What well-known media figure from sports, movies or politics most closely resembles your character?
Not sure yet.

What would be his theme song?
“Self Esteem” by The Offspring.

If his friends were to write his epitaph, what would it be?
He doesn’t have any real friends.

What would be his job in modern society?
Anything in Finance. Probably trying to run a hedge fund.

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