- Ashuanta, Pirate Captain -


Dakkon Blackblade's unlikely lover from across the ocean, "The Lady of the Thundering Sea" is a pirate captain with a fierce reputation, and a crew of the toughest sailors alive.

Ashuanta's Story


  • She was actually a captive of the last captain, but took over the pirate ship
  • Her father was the king of an eastern nation, though she was taken captive by mercenaries serving his rival, at the time of his death
  • She was 12 years old when taken captive. She persuaded the mercenary captain to keep her alive; in addition to her lineage, she was on her way to becoming a great beauty in adulthood, and be worth far more alive than dead.
  • She slew the previous captain two years later, at the age of 14, when he grew tired of her presence and decided to try to bed her and then sell her off.
  • She controlled the crew after this event, by having made a few key allies: an incredibly big but dumb brute that no one bothered to show kindness to, a foreigner who’d been captured and forced to work as engineer and mechanic for the crew, a rough but skillful warrior who was a deserter of her father’s army many years past and now serves her for the promise of forgiveness one day from her family, and the black panther that had been captured and kept in a cage by the crew … it has taken her as it’s ward for some reason.
  • She replaced all the crew members who wouldn’t swear fealty to her in the style of her nation, and has integrated some of the rites and culture of her country’s royal court with the culture of her pirate ship…
  • Highly successful as a pirate captain due to her education, and her unusual sense of loyalty to those who give her true allegiance, she used her charms, gender and age to her advantage and amassed a fortune and a network over the next 9 years. This includes several other pirate captains that have sworn allegiance to her on the promise of shared efforts and treasure now, and imperial protection in the future whenever she reclaims her rightful throne. They will sail their ships alongside hers as she calls for them; a pirate fleet of sorts.
  • In her journeys, she garnered the attention of a potent sorcerer or wizardly fellow, who courted her for a time. They remain allies, and he has supported her efforts with his magic from time to time (enchanting tools or weapons for her use, and he’s even charmed a few sea monsters into allowing her vessels safe passage, or supporting them against enemy fleets)


Inspirations: Aerin Sol, Natalie Portman in "The Professional", The Dread Pirate Roberts, Aria Stark and Denaerys Targaryan.


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