- Fethi Ken-Shakkas -


This female hobgoblin tribal leader is also a skilled martial artist, and quick to prove it in a duel for honor.

Fethi's Story

The party slew most of Fethi's hobgoblin tribe when they assaulted Fangwood Keep. But in the end, they negotiated with this hobgoblin leader, who could be reasoned with (after a fashion). Though evil, she is also clearly lawful.

After repeatedly stumping the paladin in single combat, deflecting his attacks and countering his maneuvers, Sethi was satisfied that her "honor" had been restored. She then kept her word; she gave the adventurers information about Vos and the changeling woman who was manipulating him, and she showed the party of heroes where the dungeon below Fangwood lay in wait. She even gave them a couple potions in case the traps proved harmful…

…and then she left the keep along with her few remaining hobgoblin followers, her goblin snake sorceress, and her bugbear barbarian, to rejoin the handful of hobgoblins the party had sent back to their cavern homes many miles to the north.


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