- the Barrow Hound -


This enigmatic, noble creature first blamed you for his fate being stuck here on the Prime Material. After battling for a time, you found a way to speak to him, and he became your ally against Elessia, the changeling priestess.

the Barrow Hound's Story

Among the fey creatures brought to the chambers below Fangwood Keep by the arcane engine’s latest energy spike was an unusual canine known as a barrow hound. Longing to return to its forested home on the First World, the hound took to the dead trees in the room outside the arcane engine housing.

When our heroes first arrived, the barrow hound was hiding amid the upside-down treetops, keenly watching for the creatures it believed were responsible for the portal-generating engine in the chamber to the west. It regarded our heroes as such creatures, at first, and leapt down to attack them at the most opportune moment, only stopping when they could finally communicate with it.

Once it new the truth of their purpose at the keep, the hound became their ally instead; although it hadn’t seen Elessia or her undead minions go into the chamber to the east (it was sleeping at the time the invisible intruders walked through), it did notice the footprints on the ground where they had trodden and knew their smell.

The barrow hound joined with our heroes for their final combat to end Tessareal's arcane engine, and the life of the woman responsible for the misfortune and murder at Fangwood Keep.


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