Time for lust, time for lie, time to kiss your life goodbye.


The caged cart rocks back and forth slamming into every hole they can find. “assholes!”.

They put the shackles on extra tight after my last escape attempt. I know it is coming soon enough. After killing that coward who gave up our family and, the guards. He deserved it the last moments of pain before I sent him to Norberger for final judgment.

I have heard the stories of Brandascar Prison. There is only one fate for prisoners who are sent there. I have accepted my fate now but, in the back of my thoughts I ask “how?” and, “why now?”.

The Earliest I can remember is my mother screaming at me to wake. I’m thrown around in my bunk on the ship. Everyone is now awake and there is panic in there eyes. I scramble on to the rolling deck. Waves crashing all around me. Sailors screaming orders holding on for dear life. A rogue wave rises from the depths of hell and, slams the defenceless ship with all its might. A wall of white water sweeps across the deck ripping me from my mother's grasp. A shriek from mom is drowned out by the cacophony of water.

Slipping to a watery death I hit the ship’s railing and a hand grabs my leg pulling me to safety. It was one of the deck hands. It was a nightmare the storm was nothing I have ever seen or heard of then or now.

Thinking back all I knew is that father said that we would be leaving soon for Talingarde. That there was great opportunity for us there. Shocked and startled Mom grabbed me; dad was no where in site. Clutching me close as if to shelter me from death itself. She says something to me but, to this day the words are as a whisper to the wind. Known to Asmodeus himself my mother was a powerful priestess. Her words were a prayer to her god to shelter and protect her vessel. Time moves strange in events like that so slow that every detail the sound of the main mast shattering. Watching the splinters dance through the air. Then Nothing…

My parents and I hailed from land far to the west in Cheliax. My mother was a very powerful and high ranking priestess in the church of Asmodeus. My father was an assassin Directly under the Cardinal in Cheliax. My parents were a vanguard emissaries to assist the Head of the church in Talingarde in bringing back the rule of Asmodeus. Our ship was targeted by fanatical Mitrans. We were sailing to the port city of Gastenhall.

Now I find myself clutching a barrel floating with the other debris. The sun breaks the horizon like shattered glass. The seas now calm and smooth like a lake in winter. Wreckage and a few bodies bobbing up and down. I see no one moving . Time is lost now The sun is a vicious mistress beating life out of you. The ship is gone swallowed by the sea.

I feel my body floating. They are hands, it startles me. I twitch to life but I am now wracked in pain from my ordeal.. I am laid on the dry deck of a Talingarde patrol vessel.

I come to learn I am the only survivor of the “Poseidon's Charge”. All other pulled from the water surcome to the raveges of the storm and the deadly sun. I fell deep inside myself. They seemed to care but I did not!. All I wanted was my parents.

Once back in port I was an orphan no family and no one to care for a small child. I became a ward of the state. I was taken to a home for other bastards like me. It was run by nun’s of Mitra. I would like to say I was well received but, I would have none of it. I again only wanted my mom!.

My time there felt more like being incarcerated. Much like now instead of metal chains it was there rules. It was rough and only became worse for me I did not socialize well and I was different and, the other bastards let me know it every time. As time passed I was disciplined by the clergy then brutalized by the inmates for breaking the rules. I found I had skill for sneaking around and hiding. I used these skill to start fighting back. Stealing for one person or another and planting it on others. Breaking things and finding ways of blaming someone else. Just causing strife and dissension.

They all knew it was me but no one could prove it. This made the punishments worse. Hoping I would repent and, confess my sins. Turn my life over to that bitch they worship. Getting older I spend more time wandering the streets. This was a relief and infuriated them. I was not under their heel. While trolling the streets of Daveryn. I garnered the eyes of a small and secret family. With a chip on my shoulder I would not back down from anyone. They used me to run errands little odd jobs see what skills I have. My time in that hell hole was coming to an end. My soon to be brothers and sisters had a better offer. I just left that prison one day only to return much later with nefarious plans for those bitches.

My initiation was brutal and painful it would take several days to heal properly. At first I did not know where the house was I was blindfolded and taken there in secret. When my initiation was over and I was permitted to stay and train. My new home was about a days travel south of Daveryn it is a medium size fishing and trading city. I thought I was good it turns out I was wrong. The training was worse than the initiation. They did everything they could to break us. There were others training as well. It was all to reforge us. Take the stone crush from under heel. The dust that was our spirit and body and, remold them to solid bricks that is the foundation of our family and home. I would come to love my new family my fellow brothers and sisters. Some more than others. It was an understanding to protect each other no matter what. Protect the family complete the mission.

This is where I belonged a new family who cared for me though twisted there was respect. Freedom to do as I pleased so long as my actions respected the family. The training was harsh but worth it I was now stronger,faster and better. I was taught how to stalk my target and the patients of when to strike. I was sent on various missions but oddly never to kill. deliver this, steal that. frame this person and so on.

Out of all those missions there was only one that really stood out. Me and three others two brothers one was a prefect Brother Bain and, a sister Irisa. We were to travel north of the savage wall. There we would meet up with Raiku, someone highly revered by the Master. The trip there was uneventful taking the roads less used keeping a low profile to stay out of the eyes of Mitrans. Bain knew where we were going when we reach the small encampment.

We found Raiku —he was a oni. I have only heard of his kind, never meet one. Brother Bain afforded him a lot of respect and reverence. We delivered a medium size ornate box inside were a set of wakishies. He complemented Bain on their construction. Then looking at each of us and smiled. Next we were on our way home. That mission only stood out because of the way Brother Bain acted.

Feeling I was a family member I earned the respect of my fellow brothers and sisters. Again I was wrong. One day Master summoned me to the training room I thought a little odd but maybe this was an important mission. I would come to bear a heavy weight on my shoulders soon. I was sent out with Brother Bain a few days ride south to a small hamlet I had to send a message in blood. I was to kill a local constable. and leave a special dagger. Though it was a fight and I have the scar to show for it. This was my first blood mision. Upon returning home things were different I did not know then but, I was not truly family till I had blood on my hands I was“Blooded” .

That night there was a small ceremony of those of the “Family “ that were home at the time. There I took my oath to Norberger. There were many New secrets to learn. New responsibilities with secret knowledge there was power.

I understood the world differently now.

A secret world that hides beneath the one we see every day. With my new position came privileges. I could choose my missions now keeping the fun ones. Where riches would be worth the danger.

One of the new rites I was very looking forward to. I would get to ‘Blood” one of my sisters. A test of wits, skills and strength. So that only the strong may seed. Each test each trial against another brother was different testing what we know and have learned. My finale was a duel to blood. My last opponent before my prize was Herek a sniveling pathetic waist. One of my brothers I hated always an excuse with him “just lazy!”. I have no clue how he became a brother or how he made it this far. This was going to be fun. I shamed him for all to see how worthless he was. That night I took my prize she screamed and moaned in both agony and ecstasy and Laughing to myself there was blood.

I found out later that Herek harbored deep feelings for Irisa. I can't blame him too much she was a goddess of a drow and, very skilled in the divine arts. He never had a chance with her. She was my toy now. I made sure he knew it every time. I now also made it my mission to break him mentally and physically. He would not be my brother for long.

My new position in the family afforded me new privileges. My missions changed I loved the thrill of the hunt. The target would not matter man, woman, child they were all the same in my eyes. I became a polarizing agent in the family with my brutality on missions. You loved or hated me and for the most part I did not care. You did respect me though. I pulled extra duties as well always seeing to that Herek was made to be a fool. That had taken far more skill to make sure I was once again not to be around for his failures.

The missions I was taking were a lot more high profile. I was now going after minor nobility seeing to that a family member went “missing”. I come to learn another secret that some of the more respected and most powerful noble Houses in Talingarde had one angel wing dipped in blood. We were that blood.

Another mission that stands out, again me and Brother Bain were sent to a small village a few days west of Daveryn. To a old small estate house for House Barea. It was important no one could see us enter or leave the property. Once there we enter the property in the cover of night.

To my surprise it was very sparse a few servants and family.

To my surprise they had a guest… the oni Raiku.

The human he was talking to was startled by our appearance. Raiku keeping his back to us. Complimented us on our silent entrance. “I almost did not realize you were here.”

I was taken back by his observation. He arose from his chair the human rambling on still shaken by our arrival . With a glance Raiku silenced his ramblings. With a slight head bow to Brother Bain. He then starred at me “So this is Master Jovans new pet?”.

He ushered us closer to the fire. “You don't have much time," He then explained why we were here. It is very uncommon but, bandits have been known to set ambush on this road to Daveryn. You will be those bandits tomorrow just before dusk. A wagon carrying members of the House Darius. There will be three to four people one female the rest males. With a stern look in his eyes “Do not mess this up!” the drivers and support are to be killed. The hypocrite are to be beaten within inches of death but not killed do I make myself clear!. The female is to be beaten then violated have you fun I have been told shes is a rare beauty. When you have had your fun of her. He pulled out a phallic looking device made of red glass. Handing it to Brother Bain “send this home” and speak(in infernal) “go have fun”. Looking at me again “if she dies then you will wish you have. Now rest the night leave before dawn."

I will spare the gory details but enough to say me and brother Bain had a lot of fun that night and, the poor maiden was blooded. Upon returning home the Master was very pleased with our success.

Everything was going well I had honor and respect in the family. I came to have strong feelings for Irisa. She was smart, beautiful and, a sadistic bitch. Herek was becoming an outcast.

I felt invincible.

I was Summoned to the Masters training room where I was given a delicate mission. I was to pick up and deliver a package to an estate in Daveryn. Simple enough for a underling but there was a level of urgency to this that needed to succeed. The trip was easy enough some tense moments as Mitran guards on heavy patrol both at the pick up point and in the city. getting passed them was uneventful. It had been three days since I had left for my mission the trip home became ominous when I crested a hill I could see smoke rising from the far edge of town near home. As i approached town the denizens were a buzz and jumpy I saw a considerable contingent of Knights of Alerion.

This could not be good. Panic struck me. I lost all train of thought.

Moments pasts as I stood there frozen I attracted the attention of some Knights and had to move. I needed to blend in. It was late in the day the usual trade caravans were vacant from the town square making it more difficult to get around. Thankfully it was overcast and I could move in the shadows.

As I started to get closer to home there were fewer people and more Knights of Alerion. There like a smiths hammer to my soul was the burnt husk of my home. Filled with rage I wanted to lash out and kill them but, too many. My training took over and patients settled in and I started to study the desecration of my family's home.

There were bodies everywhere both family and soldiers. the Knights tended to there wounded and dead with care my brothers and sisters were treated with disrespect. They were not interested in prisoners and executed all who might have survived then I saw him Herek! He was standing next to a man I would come to know as Sir Balin. I was almost spotted as I stood up dumbfounded and lost. I felt like that little boy many years ago on the deck of that ship I had lost everything again.

I curled up into the smallest ball and broke into tears. A torrent of emotions washed over me like the tidal wave so many years ago. Fear, anger, rage and a lust for revenge. Hours pass and the major force moved out of the area only a few stragglers. Patiently I took them down slitting their throats not to raise the alarm of the others. I then scour the carnage the bodies were piled up and destroyed. I could not identify any of them. They were thorough pick clean like vultures.

I did find Irisa's ceremony dagger. I just clutched it tight but I did not find her I could only hoped Norberger kept her secret. I was able to find the vault as well that is very well hidden and very well trapped. I covered it up and left it for later. Looking around I have no clue who was here who died. Someone gave us up and I know who. Herek will pay for this but I know he is too much a coward to do this alone.

The main force of the Knights were camped outside of town a rather considerable size I should feel so fortunate that brought so many. No command tent?! where is he? I went back into town and found a few of the officers and select guards were staying at the inn. Perfect I know that place better than old man Dravven. . I was careful to scout out my quarry. Mostly Knights in there tonight no citizens.

I would have to wait.

Herek was sitting near Sir Balin he was quiet and kept to himself as the other laughed and drank around him. Others stared at him knowing he's a traitor. I had some time before the hypocrites passed out for the night.

I went to the blacksmiths shop to get a special tool for tonight. Upon returning the Inn. It was near empty only a few left Herek, Sir Balin and two officers all at the same table talking I could not hear them but the whole time Herek did most of the talking. This boiled my blood he forgot his oath I plan on reminding him. They eventually went up stairs to their rooms.

Checking the windows I was able to find Herek’s room. I could see a guard in the room with him. Alright so I have to go through the front door. sneaking in to the Inn I found another guard standing post at his door.

Shit one inside one outside. This will be messy. I distract and take down the guard outside and crack the door to get inside. The other one was passed out in his chair “sweet” I see the cowered sleeping like a baby thinking hes safe. I slice the throat of that guard. He begins to gag and choking on the blood. Startling Herek awake. A violent struggle ensues I'm using non lethal force to subdue the traitor.

Killing him in combat is too good for him.

I finally get him under control but, we made a lot of noise. I dont have much time. Using the pommel of Irisa’s dagger. I force Herek’s mouth open now he starts wailing like a pig. Pulling the tool I acquired from the blacksmith a pair of pliers. I reach in and get a nice bite on the pigs tongue.

I show him Irisa's dagger there is fear in his eyes. I tell him that Norberber hates all who reveal secrets to those who do not deserve. You will have to answer for your crimes before our lord. At that I start to rip his tongue out. His gargled cries of pain are music to my ears. The door is then kicked in and a rush of bodies flood the room.

I quickly toss ninja vanishing dust at the wave but, they seem prepared for this trick. Next I dive for the window. I hit the ground running. I have now kicked the hive. The cold hand of the law reaching for my throat. I feel that it will get it. After several minutes of running the streets I round the corner only to briefly see the mace of Sir Balin slam into my face.

I awake sometime later taste of blood in my throat laboring for breath as a fat jailor sitting on my chest. Calling out he's awake now. Balin walks up to me slamming a fist into my stomach —they were two of my best friends.

I will enjoy watching you dance like a marionette.

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