- The Seventh Knot -

Another group of Thorn's recruits, now the Seventh Knot, once called themselves The White Ravens.

  • Elise Zadaria, a witch with an albino raven familiar, and the cunning leader of the group. She serves a mysterious deity known as "The Endless Winter".
  • Dostan Alfson, the hulking half-elf barbarian. Big, mean and glaring.
  • Tallus "Trak" Rackburn, a moody archer and tracker, who's madly in love with Elise.
  • Titus "Trick" Rackburn, always cheerful, talkative and friendly, "Trick" is a cleric of Asmodeus. He's also the twin brother of "Trak", and, a total sociopath serial killer…


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